Meet Our Team

Amy Hart


After almost two decades of partnering with contractors, cities, and clients on delivery and construction, Amy Hart’s favorite chapter of each project is still seeing what started as a drawing on paper transform into a life-sized reality that she can see, touch, and experience.

As a leader for MG2’s Client Programs teams, Amy understands and truly values the importance of relationships. From working with her long-standing clients, to mentoring younger staff, to connecting with and getting to know the intricacies of jurisdictions during permitting, she prioritizes human-centered communication above all else, knowing first-hand how it leads to exceptional results.

Amy is a results-oriented designer who is continually refining her approach and searching for efficiencies across design process, budget, and delivery. These methodologies, combined with detailed organization and equitable stakeholder mitigation allow her teams to become more streamlined and effective with each project.