Meet Our Team


Picture of Roy Hague, Prototyping Principal at MG2 in Seattle, WA

With over 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry, Roy leads teams at MG2 with unique expertise in building and maintaining prototypes and roll-out toolkits. These specializations can include everything from a baseline kit of parts approach, comprehensive construction documentation template sets, and design, to sustainability or development guidelines.

Over his decorated career, Roy has excelled in the design and delivery of a range of project types, from ultra-custom, high-end flagship programs to fleet rollouts in multiple countries. Utilizing a methodological approach, he and his team take the time to listen and deeply understand each client’s goals and requirements, presenting those objectives back graphically in a straightforward manner to ensure clarity. From there, scalable solution options are born, tailored to both the size and ambition of the rollout program and the client itself.

Roy constantly analyzes an ever-shifting market, staying abreast of current challenges, including ever-increasing costs, supply chain challenges, and increasingly ambitious sustainability requirements, all of which are central in determining what gets built, in addition to designing systems for how it gets built.

He hand-selects specialists to solve each client’s most relevant design challenges through quantifiable analysis, creating program-based tools and solutions that are accurate, efficient, and flexible over time. Through Roy’s unique approach and process, he creates spaces that embody each partner’s objectives, goals, and core values.