Meet Our Team

Scott Owen, Jr.

Associate Principal

A passionate problem-solver and big picture liaison, Scott Owen has spent the past ten years helping mixed-use and large format retail partners such as Petco, Target, and Nordstrom go beyond simple integration of consumer trends. Hand-selecting perfectly calibrated teams for each project, he specializes in unpacking and analyzing difficult challenges, pushing comfort zones, and taking risks, ultimately breathing life into engaging and extraordinary environments.

Scott’s main prerogative as a designer is to preserve each client’s vision while continuously keeping functionality and user experience at the forefront. People-oriented and a persistent advocate for infusing personality into every venture, Scott is continually inspired by the young architects he mentors, gaining just as much wisdom and perspective as he imparts. When he’s not immersed in developing his teams or unraveling complex design problems, you’ll find Scott unwinding through music, be it listening or playing.