MG2 continuously raises the bar with longtime partner, Costco Wholesale.

MG2 and Costco have created an uncommonly strong partnership that has helped build the Costco brand and more than 725 warehouse locations around the world, with recent openings in Mexico, Australia, South Korea, and Canada.

Costco operates on a simple philosophy: Keep costs down and pass the savings on to their members. MG2’s intimate understanding of Costco’s business and commitment to efficiency enables project teams to take new warehouses “from foundation to grand opening” in just 110 days while generating cost savings and innovations that create value for Costco and their members.

MG2 evolves the Costco warehouse prototype on a monthly basis, finding new ways to update and improve the concept while upholding the swift construction schedule and high-quality standards. Recently, MG2 was able to change the design of the warehouse prototype to eliminate a number of support columns by using a new structural system. This seemingly simple innovation resulted in untold cost savings per warehouse.

Over the course of the more than 30 year partnership, MG2 has developed the expertise to navigate design and entitlement processes around the world, delivering greater value and cost savings for Costco and their members.

Salmon Award | Costco Wholesale

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More than 725 locations worldwide
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Approximately 148,000 SF
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Costco Wholesale
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