Celeste Lenon

Celeste Lenon

Chief Operating Officer

“I have always been interested in figuring out ways to create the best workplace dynamics. It’s like a puzzle. I see my job as removing obstacles and creating new ways for people to do their best work.”

For Celeste Lenon, effective operations are vital but people are paramount. With a background in technology and consulting, as well as architecture and design, her expertise lies in streamlining processes and facilitating integrated systems that provide employees with the resources and tools they need.

As chief operating officer, Celeste Lenon draws upon her deep experience with every aspect of MG2’s business, from project management to information technology to business operations. She partners with leaders and employees at every level of the firm to create operational efficiencies that allow people to deliver project excellence to clients. Whether she is leading efforts to create new solutions or improve existing processes, Celeste brings a focus on precision and preparation that reaches every corner of MG2’s business.

Celeste in three words: Logical. Direct. Dynamic.