MJ Munsell

MJ Munsell, IIDA

Chief Creative Officer

“Retailers today face constant change, which makes our work very exciting. We are always finding new ways to draw people into retail environments by creating unexpected moments, a sense of discovery, and seamless ways to interact with people, products, and technology.”

MJ Munsell is an expert at translating brands into impactful customer moments. She has spent her career studying consumers and the drivers that impact their decisions, whether it be in their purchases, the workplace or their choices for travel. As MG2’s Chief Creative Officer, MJ leads teams and clients through an innovative process that blends brand stories, business goals and consumer insights into memorable experiences. She has collaborated with some of the world’s most notable brands including Nordstrom, Harrods, Anthropologie, Starwood and Hyatt, to name a few.

MJ in three words: Energetic. Imaginative. Inspiring.