Consumer Experiences

PCC Community Markets

Holistic community, unrivaled sustainability

PCC’s newest stores are designed to embrace and empower the neighborhoods they serve. Beyond encouraging wellness and upholding ethics and sustainability, PCC and MG2 sought to unify both employee and shopper experiences, fostering the feeling of a “home away from home.”

Greeted with an aura reminiscent of a farmer’s market, shoppers experience the heritage of the community through texture, materiality, and one-of-a-kind art pieces crafted from reclaimed materials by local artists. Stores are designed to be flexible, transparent, and engaging while evolving alongside culinary trends.

Instead of being tucked away, interactive departments like the meat, seafood, and bakery reside adjacent to natural light sources, promoting visibility and authenticity while doing away with the traditional “back-of-shop” perception.

The decision to work with a limited materials palette was intentional, aligning with the goals of durability, sustainability, and minimizing waste. Over 40% of the materials were sustainably sourced across several locations, 9.2% of those being locally derived from within 100 miles. Stores are now able to capture substantial heat and energy savings and reduce water use by 50%. Targeting LEED and Living Building Challenge Petal certification, PCC and MG2 use that as inspiration to continue to push the boundaries of sustainability.