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Capitol Hill Food Hall

A true taste of Seattle

For travelers making their way through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the corner-bound intermission in the center of Terminal A was, at best, unmemorable. Anchored with an aging bookstore and some sparse seating, the only true draw to the area was the sweeping view of the tarmac through its bank of windows. 

Partnering with MG2, SSP America transformed this nondescript section of the airport into the Capitol Hill Food Hall: a destination that passengers would remember and revisit for flights to come.

A remarkable one-stop terminus designed to embody the experience and authenticity of the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Capitol Hill Food Hall allows travelers to savor a true taste of what Seattle’s culinary scene has to offer without ever leaving the airport.

It offers a thoughtfully unique experience, bringing together a curated selection of popular vendors and reimagining and translating their curbside appeal within a terminal-bound venue. While other airports glean digitally-driven dining experiences whose technology integrations age poorly, Capitol Hill Food Hall relies on a more handmade, analog consistency throughout its branding, signage, and finishes, creating its own design language and immersing visitors in a genuine experience as they discover new favorites. 

Bringing Capitol Hill Food Hall to life was not without challenges. This section of the airport was one that had never been used as a food and beverage site before. The complexities of designing and constructing a building-within-a-building and housing numerous individual businesses—each with their own standards and requirements to uphold—created a vast landscape of moving pieces. 

An exceedingly complex program inside of a secured airport terminal, every detail that might otherwise be overarchingly accepted or otherwise overlooked; materials, fixtures, cases, and beyond were scrutinized and deeply reviewed by the Seattle Port Authority in the name of passenger health, safety, and security. Integrated and streamlined coordination was critical to stay on track and on budget in making SSP America’s original a reality. 

Today, the space offers much more than awe-inspiring views; Capitol Hill Food Hall offers food and beverage options from numerous local vendors, ranging from bahn mi and burgers to Seattle’s finest coffee and hoppiest brews. Each option is carefully curated, with each vendor taking their typical streetside branding and tailoring it to their terminal location, seamlessly blending all of the designs to create one encompassing language. Two unique areas are dedicated to live music, a scene that Seattle is known for the world over. In the spaces between, the experience is dotted with ample seating and outlets, encouraging weary travelers to sit back, relax, and experience the real Seattle without ever leaving the airport.