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First Tech Federal Credit Union

Creating the financial center of the future

First Tech Federal Credit Union’s dedication to serving its members comes through in everything from branch location to the design of those spaces. In developing its 40th branch, First Tech wanted to create an experience that fully aligned with the lifestyles and needs of their technology-oriented members. This required a more welcoming, relaxed, and contemporary atmosphere than traditional banking settings provide.

MG2 created a branch environment that places personal connections at the forefront. The typical row of bank tellers and cluster of account management desks were replaced with an open “relationship center” surrounded by member suites, offices, and a large meeting room to provide options for every type of financial discussion. The flexible layout, energetic color scheme, and incorporation of mobile technologies mirror First Tech members’ life and work styles, helping to integrate the experience seamlessly with their everyday lives.

Compared to more traditional First Tech locations, the new branch concept has led to enhanced member satisfaction and opportunities to provide more products and services to members.

Based on positive results and member feedback, First Tech has introduced several other locations based on this model and continues to see the concept resonate with members and employees.