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  • Financial services
Consumer Experiences

HomeStreet Bank

Banking on a more personal future

In the wake of the global financial crisis and widespread recession, HomeStreet Bank responded to the needs of its clients to expand the range of consumer services beyond lending. In order to accomplish that feat, HomeStreet Bank instituted a more personal brand philosophy focused on direct engagement and building trust with the consumer.

By understanding the personal nature of banking and HomeStreet Bank’s expansion aspirations, MG2 was able to reflect this heightened consumer engagement through architectural design. The process began with the design of a single lending center and then grew to include the design of a series of branches as HomeStreet Bank expands along the West Coast of the United States.

MG2 has designed a consumer-centric banking environment with modern, inviting exteriors that emphasize HomeStreet Bank’s community commitment in the way the branches blend with the local architecture. Taken together, these elements embody HomeStreet Bank’s refreshed brand.