• Columbus, OH
  • Pop-up retail

Partnering with Steiner + Associates, MG2 was tasked to provide strategy services to analyze, evaluate, and solidify the pop-up retail incubator program. 


Evaluating and identifying the turnkey operational strategy in relation to data driven technology and brand curation while further solidifying goals of the overarching retail experience at the property.


MG2 worked closely with the Steiner + Associates team to ensure the turn-key program would be a success. MG2 provided guidance on needed IT infrastructure to support technology integration(s) and evaluated and ensured the design technology investments aligned with Easton Town Center customer DNA as well as met the needs of target brands and retailers. MG2 also strategized a comprehensive staffing and operational plan and consulted on the pricing structure and needed tenant amenities to establish a positive NOI.


ShopLAB is a lower risk solution for the retailers, allowing them to test their performance at Easton Town Center while they measure customer capture potential and the online halo effect of the brick-and-mortar location. The program places a strong emphasis on local Ohio brands, unique gifts and concepts, experiential retailers looking to test out the Columbus market as a future long-term investment.