• Multiple Locations, U.S.
  • Brand design, Food, beverage, & entertainment

Smashing is fun and delicious

Across nine countries, thirty-seven states, and counting, the fast-casual restaurant Smashburger has served millions of their namesake-style burgers to hungry fans around the globe since 2007. Ready to elevate their consumer offering and continue differentiating themselves in an increasingly crowded market, they partnered with MG2 to refresh their dine-in experience and brand, emphasizing their unique process, encouraging community, and embracing their and embracing their heritage as a chef-designed product.

An open, comfortable layout that encourages diners to stay longer than just their meal. Each Smashburger space is outfitted to reflect a chef’s studio with the addition of USB chargers, free WIFI, and a variety of different seating options cater to all types of experiences—from one person grabbing a burger and a beer, to a big group of friends celebrating a sports win. Views into the kitchen were opened up to reveal the burger-smashing technique, complete with bleachers to properly observe the proverbial show. Meanwhile, elements of the equipment in use extend out to the service counter, truly enveloping customers in the cooking process.

The updated color palette pays subtle homage to the brand’s Colorado roots and acts as a key differentiator in an oversaturated market. MG2 designers utilized gray, dark gray, and yellow, fused with the subcategory of rust and blue—a nod to their Denver roots—creating a unique style and personality that simultaneously generates both visual recognition and distance from the typical red, white, and black color palette of your average burger joint.

Finally, and perhaps most pronounced, each Smashburger proudly showcases local pride through customized art installations and EGD in each new location.

Boston, for example, pays homage to its local architecture through a wall covering featuring the silhouette of Leonard P Zakim’s Bunk Hill Memorial Bridge, as well as interior touches that mirror the structure’s cable design.