• Tacoma, WA
  • Master plan, Retail development

Initially opened in 1965, low-density, suburban-style developments currently surround the Tacoma Mall. However, with the city council recently approving new zoning codes, density requirements, and infrastructure updates, downtown Tacoma is primed to evolve into a more urban, pedestrian-oriented landscape. 

In response to the city’s long-term, coordinated approach to modernizing its development, MG2 partnered with Tacoma Mall, reinventing it as a mixed-use property that incorporates new shopping, dining, and entertainment facets. 

The property will be reconfigured to feature six new buildings accommodating up to twelve tenants, including a 48,000 sq/ft movie theater and multiple restaurants. Three of those buildings will activate the northeast corner of the site, replacing the footprint of a former department store.