• Multiple Locations, United States
  • Pop-up retail

As a way to test the brick-and-mortar retail environment, The RealReal hired MG2 / The Lionesque Group as their pop-up design and strategy partner to launch a two-week holiday store in Soho, NYC. The objectives were to increase brand awareness, generate sales and test the viability of a permanent brick-and-mortar retail store.

The team provided location and design consultation for optimal layout in a retail environment and customer flow within the pop-up space. The deliverables included securing a location that best allowed TheRealReal to interact with their target demographic, sourcing of store fixtures, operational elements and back of house, and budget and production oversight from build-out to break-down.

After two successful weeks, with over 1,000 visitors
on a daily basis, The RealReal a year later opened up
a permanent location in Soho. Over the duration of
the pop-up, they garnered media coverage from
major outlets including BBC Radio, RackedNY,
HarperBazaar, Hollywood Reporter and more.