• New York City, NY
  • Specialty retail

Curating stories for evolving lifestyles

When Burrow—an innovative home furnishings brand part of the new direct-to-consumer retail movement—decided to establish its flagship brick-and-mortar presence in a 2,200 square foot location on Wooster Street in New York City, the design hinged on a central question: How could this new flagship transform a successful online retailer into a lively, exciting lifestyle brand shoppers would now have the opportunity to interact with in-person?

Partnering with The Lion’esque Group, an MG2 company, the teams collaborated on store design and project management to create Burrow House: an immersive, multi-faceted atmosphere, designed to grow with the company’s product line, and tell the brand’s story in an experiential way.

Designed to truly showcase what life would be like with their furniture, Burrow House illustrates vignettes from the smallest city studio apartments to sweeping suburban family rooms. They flow from one space to the next, curating distinct narratives that offer a fully shoppable living room experience.

Sustainably sourced materials reflect an inviting and familiar, mid-century style within a refined atmosphere using temperate woods and warm paint colors. And, like their award-winning furniture, the store design is modular, allowing for the continued evolution of their interiors to align with seasons, design trends, new products, and blossoming partnerships with other DTC brands.

Burrow House is a memorable retail experience that emboldens one to redesign their living spaces far beyond a single purchase of a new couch.