• New York City, New York
  • Pop-up retail

When Waterford, a 200-year-old luxury crystal brand, aimed to revitalize its image and appeal to a younger, diverse clientele, it partnered with MG2/The Lionesque Group to create its first pop-up store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood: a stunningly immersive experience that showcased the brand’s heritage while embracing modern design to paint a bright future.

Engaging Younger Generations

Through its experience, Waterford sought to tap into the millennial and Gen-Z market, convey its brand story innovatively, and expand regional awareness. The company’s goal was to lay the groundwork for its transition from an exclusive luxury brand to a contemporary, approachable choice for everyday glassware and décor, resonating with younger generations.

Merging Tradition and Modernity

MG2/The Lionesque Group designed a visually engaging pop-up, merging Waterford’s rich history with its progressive future to create a captivating retail experience. Upon entry, visitors were greeted by a striking black-and-white portrait from the latest campaign, setting the tone for a modern, immersive space. 

With a strategic layout that encouraged customers to explore and interact with the products, the retail space’s interiors featured a blend of traditional and contemporary materials, including copper accents shrouded in an edgy rock motif. Throughout, projection-mapped imagery immersed shoppers with visual depictions of the brand’s Irish roots.

A carefully curated branded experience that established next-era elegance.

Balancing Aesthetics and Practicality

Designers curated high-quality, cost-effective materials that stayed true to Waterford’s vision while skillfully balancing the brand’s desired materiality with practical concerns. Where budgeted for, high-end materials such as real copper added luxury and sophistication. To ensure these finishes remained visually appealing, the team educated store associates on proper maintenance to preserve their integrity.

MG2/The Lionesque Group’s comprehensive approach covered everything from reviewing branding materials and SKU lists to managing build-out and staffing while addressing practical concerns such as point-of-sale coordination, associate training, and inventory management. With operational coordination in check, the Waterford team was free to focus on attracting a new audience and driving sales.

Setting the Stage for Brand Evolution

The immersive retail experience, skillfully blending Waterford’s heritage with modern design elements, successfully redefined the brand’s image and connected with a new generation of consumers. With innovative approaches that helped spark renewed interest in the company’s products as everyday glassware and décor options, the pop-up store’s success reinforced the brand’s timeless appeal and adaptability in the evolving luxury market, positioning it for continued growth.