Meet Our Team

Mostafa Ahanchi


Since joining MG2 in 1994, Mostafa has spent more than two decades growing the relationship with MG2’s longest-existing partner, Costco Wholesale. As the MG2 leader of the account, he plays an integral role in supporting Costco’s strategic expansion by delivering high quality in service, process and product. Mostafa is responsible for leading a team of over 140 professionals in prototype development, project implementation and senior architect supervision for a program delivering over 30 new warehouse projects a year worldwide.

With more than 23 years of experience at MG2, Mostafa is relied on heavily to research, validate and implement architectural solutions for Costco as the company continues to refine their warehouse prototype through monthly cumulative modifications. Both Costco and his colleagues hold Mostafa in high esteem for his persistent management style and ability to overcome challenges without jeopardizing budgets or construction schedules.