• Issaquah, WA
  • Master plan, Worklife

Costco Wholesale first opened its global headquarters campus in the mid-1990s and has continued to expand as the company grows. Working closely with the City of Issaquah, MG2 has been partnering with Costco on developing a 30-year agreement to expand on the original master plan, which features up to 1.5 million additional square feet of office space. 

The design aims to evolve Costco’s corporate campus by reimagining working environments, enhancing connectivity to the surrounding natural environment and community, and integrating modern, efficient, and sustainable practices and materials. In its current phase, open, collaborative workspaces, multi-functional parking facilities, and high-efficiency sustainable materials and operations take center stage.

Flexible Workspaces for Wellness and Collaboration

MG2’s interior design programming for Costco’s new nine-story building serves as the standard and foundation for all office spaces across the company. Layouts and furnishings place a consistent emphasis on health and wellness, providing employees with open-concept workspaces and flexible meeting areas. To further promote collaboration and culture, three new food and beverage spaces, an auditorium, and an art-centric exhibit space contribute to the brand’s principles of “campus, connection, and community” that it has envisioned for its evolved headquarters.

The expanded fitness center, which now includes a gym in the parking garage, allows for more daylight and promotes overall employee well-being. The flexible exhibit area on the ground floor of the new parking garage provides a space for vendors to showcase their products to employees.

A Multi-Functional Parking Garage

In tandem with Costco Wholesale’s new nine-story office building, MG2 also designed a complimentary parking structure for employees, featuring 1,694 stalls and 712,000 square feet of space. Connected to the workspaces via a sky bridge, the first floor of the parking garage features a 13,130-square-foot staff wellness center—complete with a fitness gym, aerobics room, full-service locker rooms, and secure interior bicycle storage—a 14,500-square-foot exhibit hall—which provides a space for vendors to showcase their products to employees—and a catering kitchen.

Building a Greener Future Inside and Out

Costco and MG2 prioritized sustainability throughout the design, targeting sustainable certifications and sourcing local materials. Key sustainability features include:

  1. Triple-glazing: The building envelope utilizes triple-pane glazing and strategic positioning of north vs south facades to reduce energy demand and optimize natural daylighting.
  2. Daylighting: Daylight sensors, LEDs, narrow floor plans, and an intelligent interior layout maximize natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  3. DOAS System: The dedicated outdoor air system efficiently recovers energy and reduces heating demand by using interior building heat to warm up outside air, reducing fossil fuel usage.

Additionally, a 43.75 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof trellises—equating to roughly 2,250 square feet of solar panels—is installed atop the parking garage, while the interior of the garage houses three large backup generators to support the adjacent offices.

Costco’s commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated by providing real-time feedback through a display in the Headquarters lobby, helping inform employees on how they can improve their energy and water consumption.

Setting a New Standard for Corporate Campuses

As the 30-year master plan continues to evolve and take shape, MG2’s forward-looking design approach for Costco’s Headquarters expansion creates a dynamic, interconnected, and sustainable work environment that fosters collaboration and well-being. 

The emphasis on a healthy interior design language, multi-functional environments such as its new parking garage, and sustainability features both inside and out showcase the brand’s dedication to its employees, the local community, and the environment.