Research & Insights

Unlocking Connected Tech Experiences

May 2021 / By Melissa Gonzalez, Nick Caputo

In our constant curiosity and investigation of consumer behaviors and expectations, we utilize data insights to help uncover and validate where we can deliver true points of gratification within the customer journey. Here is a snapshot of key takeaways from our latest consumer survey. Our full deck is available for download at the bottom of this preview.


With the acceleration of mobile device usage and in-store technology integration, we took a deep dive into consumers’ comfortability around connected experiences, the pain points and where they see the highest value-add. We investigated what consumers want out of their omni channel experiences while in-store, their openness and experiences with fit tech, voice activated technologies, digital signage, dynamic vending machines and lift-and-learn technology. By understanding what drives value-add and illuminating opportunities to lessen current points of friction of multi-channel experiences that happen in-store, we are able to design for deeper impact.

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