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Corporate Campus Food Pods

A shipping container BBQ concept spices up employees’ work week

MG2 was tasked with transforming an underutilized outdoor common area into a food venue capable of serving hundreds of corporate campus employees daily. Designing the layout of the “kitchen container” and the placement of equipment within the space required working closely with the food service operator to understand the step-by-step preparation process for each menu item. With a limited footprint (20′ x 8′), the design team had to think linear. Everything needed to be streamlined and purpose-built.

Patrons are served their meal out of a carry-out window. From there, they can choose to either dine alfresco at a nearby patio table or step inside the “dining room” container, which features butcher block-style tables, plaid upholstered benches, neon blue wire chairs and Edison light bulbs dangling from upside-down refinished stock tanks.

Both shipping containers are adorned with custom graphics and signage designed by MG2’s brand development team.