• McLean, VA
  • Worklife

Translating company values into a workplace paradigm

MG2’s former East Coast office met the company’s past needs but the expansive workspace layout wasn’t fostering the level of collaboration and connection that employees desired. In designing a new office space, MG2 began by considering how to bring the firm’s values – such as creativity, trust and a results-oriented approach – to life in the workplace. To reflect these values, the office’s design incorporates innovative strategies to increase interaction, visibility, flexibility and productivity while also efficiently condensing square footage.

The office is composed of three types of activity zones – public, communal and personal – that reflect the overall design inspiration stemming from the concept of a public park and the 21st century office environment.

Each area features color, pattern, lighting, furniture and technology selections that are distinctive but cohesive throughout the space.

Integrated, light-scale workstations with low privacy barriers open up the space and foster collaboration while allowing for individual design and work preferences. Employees can enjoy a variety of public spaces, including galleries, open meeting areas, niches and MG2’s signature Town Square space for office meetings and events. Like each of MG2’s offices, the workspace is visually inspiring and an effective reflection of MG2’s core values, sense of community and commitment to creating environments that foster creativity.