• Chicago, IL
  • Pop-up retail

TLG partnered with GGP to create a place where digital native brands could test physical retail in a complete turnkey solution, including RFID “Wishlist” key with analytic tracking, while educating customers about their brand story and unique
product offerings. TLG fully developed the program and space from the ground up including creating all branded aspects of the store, curation of brands, development of monthly membership program, design and production of the space, operational management, and on-going marketing & in-store event strategies.

A total of 15 e-commerce brands were showcased in the first chapter of IRL, with 80% viable for long-term tenancy. The innovative concept drew attention from local and national media including articles in Chicago Tribune, Glossy, WWD, Design:Retail, among others. The concept store garnered 4,156 shares and over 11M impressions.