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Brilliant Earth


Approachable luxury

Since 2005, Brilliant Earth has offered the world ethically sourced, award-winning fine jewelry through its elevated web-based platform and personalized appointment-only showrooms. When the digitally-native company sought to expand its brick-and-mortar portfolio with open retail spaces, they partnered with MG2 to seamlessly translate the spirit of their digital brand and unique offerings into a real-world experience.

Like its jewelry, the retail design and rollout program for Brilliant Earth’s new showrooms was curated with thoughtful craftsmanship in every production phase. Previously, all the brand’s in-person experiences were appointment-only, with most of their spaces hidden away from window-shopping consumers on the upper floors of retail centers.

Utilizing a light, luminous, bright, and warm palette that reflected its online presence, MG2 designers brought an approachable luxury to Brilliant Earth’s new showroom experience. This new iteration of the store—the first of its kind for Brilliant Earth—brings an inviting, interactive, and educational retail experience into the brand’s program, diversifying its real estate potential with more premium, ground-level spaces, increasing awareness and engagement.

Brilliant Earth_Brooklyn

From planning to fixture design, the team boldly broke many industry barriers often seen in jewelry, such as the traditional horseshoe-shaped counters that often act as barriers.

Instead, in a direct reflection of the brand’s unique educational approach to the diamond shopping experience, MG2 designed a fixture package program that flexes and scales with each new space; a customizable kit-of-parts that can fit any format.

An entry kiosk once used to check customers in for their appointments evolved into a multi-functional digital tool. Now used to assist shoppers in industry and diamond education, the sizing of rings, and the check-out process, it’s a feature that further underlines the seamless integration of Brilliant Earth’s digital and physical offerings.

Caseline throughout the store is designed like furniture; display cases float lightly in the space, while round consultation tables equalize the service experience. This highly customized design and rollout program was achieved without raising the cost of construction for Brilliant Earth.

Brilliant Earth_Brooklyn

The Brooklyn location of Brilliant Earth represents a step forward for the brand while still adhering to the same kit of parts utilized in their other showrooms. Its unique building in Williamsburg features a vaulted ceiling and exposed brick, giving the space a larger and more roomy feel. This has granted merchandising room to grow, expanding the brand’s retail offering with six cases, an additional appointment station, and a more retail-focused reception area. With an emphasis on showcasing its fine jewelry products, this evolution in Brilliant Earth’s showroom design successfully balances its minimalist roots with an elevated, flexible retail agenda.

Similarly distinctive in its design hurdles and opportunities, Brilliant Earth’s King of Prussia showroom location—situated within a mall with limited egress and no natural light—presented unique challenges for the team to overcome. To bring the space to life, designers reprioritized the showroom’s configuration, eliminating the need for glazing, and added greater visual impact by utilizing large format graphics, wall casework, and incorporating merchandising above the cases. The warm and inviting retail story is solidified through the incorporation of recessed lighting, plush sofa seating, and education-centric pedestals at the front of the space.

The showroom’s private appointment stations were strategically relocated to the back of the space, providing guests with greater privacy while maximizing the overall flexibility of the design. By utilizing the same kit of parts as its other showrooms while adding new elements that reflect the brand, designers ensured that Brilliant Earth’s iconic bright and light personality prevailed within the confines of the darkened shopping center.

With each showroom brought to life across the country, this global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry continues to seamlessly preserve its online identity while defining new retail experiences for its consumers, each with its own unique flair.