MG2 designed an innovative corporate interior for the Alipay headquarters that balances leading-edge technology with the unique culture of Alibaba.

Alibaba wanted to create a corporate headquarters for its online payment platform, Alipay, that would attract new talent to the West Lake District of Hangzhou. As China’s leading e-commerce company and a global phenomenon, it is critical for Alibaba to have a leading edge facility that effectively competes with other technology giants.

MG2 created an interior design concept for the building’s public spaces that reflects the fast-paced movement and exchange of information on the internet. Complementing the design of the exterior architecture, Alipay’s corporate lobbies mirror the fun, technology-oriented dynamics that Alipay provides for customers and employees. LED strips and interactive walls combine to create an engaging and inviting corporate environment, wrapped in a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.

Location /
Hangzhou, China
Size /
860,800 SF
(80,000 SM)
Client /
Alibaba Co. Ltd.
Services /