From initial site survey to design and construction, “one-of-a-kind” is a keynote to the design of Anthropologie stores.

MG2 has worked with Urban Outfitters, Inc. to create unique shopping experiences for both its name brand and Anthropologie stores. For Anthropologie, the design of each store must provide the right backdrop for the ever-changing merchandising vignettes while communicating a consistent brand language.

In the bustling Granville Street area of Vancouver, British Columbia, MG2 partnered with Urban Outfitters on a new Anthropologie store in an existing retail building. The store design seamlessly integrates original elements of the building while utilizing reclaimed materials to create an aesthetic that feels both timeless and fresh.

Recently, MG2 also partnered with Anthropologie to explore a new “lifestyle” concept that triples the average store size and expands the merchandise mix to deliver an even more immersive experience to the devoted Anthropologie customer.

Location /
Multiple locations
United States and Canada
Size /
10,000 SF
Client /
Urban Outfitters, Inc.
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