A unique public-private partnership affords MG2 the chance to support its community through design.

Over the three decades MG2 was headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, a lasting relationship was formed between the firm and the area’s local Boys & Girls Club. After the club negotiated a new funding deal with the City of Bellevue, the MG2 team felt privileged when asked to design a pair of projects needed to support a rapidly growing community.

As part of the revitalization of a park near the club’s main Bellevue campus, the first project called for the design of a fieldhouse (athletic facility), a building that now provides recreational opportunities for thousands of youth and their families.

The second project involved the creation of a new main campus clubhouse, a complex task as an outdated, existing clubhouse located five feet away from the site needed to remain operational during construction. The new clubhouse features a gym, tech lab, teaching kitchen, game room, teen space and preschool. A series of additional design solutions were implemented that allow the space to also function as a multi-generational community center during evenings and weekends.

Throughout the partnership, the MG2 team was meticulous in meeting the state’s stringent child care center design guidelines, maximizing interior flexibility to accommodate a variety of programming and working with multiple stakeholders’ to achieve objectives.

Location /
Bellevue, WA
Size /
19,500 SF main clubhouse
27,000 SF fieldhouse
Client /
Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue
Services /