MG2 designed a contemporary workplace with integrated technologies for H.C. Park's evolving needs.

As a new law firm specializing in US and international business, H.C. Park & Associates needed a modern office space to attract top talent and support the firm’s growth. MG2’s design for the office supports the firm’s evolving needs and incorporates the latest communications technologies, without compromising the beauty and clean lines of the workplace.

H.C. Park’s office space is elegant, timeless, and pragmatic in the way it provides multi-functional, flexible spaces including a “town center” for larger gatherings and a variety of hoteling areas for the firm’s attorneys and clients. The private offices and meeting rooms are fronted with floor-to-ceiling glass that brings in natural light and creates sweeping, open connectivity throughout the office space.

Location /
Reston, VA
Size /
12,000 SF
Client /
H.C. Park & Associates, PLC
Services /